Hi lovely! 

Are you longing for a more peaceful, restful, whole life, too? One of unity and oneness. Where you can live less frantic and more available? Less stress and anxiety?

Yep, that’s me too, and that’s exactly why I’m here.

Just like I actively want to take steps daily to be my best self so I can be the best to others, I want to help you be yours.
Two non-perfect mama’s finding our way in this crazy world. 
At the end of the day, the only words that really matter? Are the ones we live.

 With that, I’m passionate about about finding the beauty and quiet, about slowing to see the blessings in the chaos. Because if we live life frantic and rushed, we miss everything and drive ourselves crazy in the process.

So here we go, two non-perfect mama’s to live the words together…

My Story

How I Got Started

All my life I’ve wanted to give back in big ways, whether that be my time, energy, resources– you name it. I’ve spent my last 32 years (I’m getting old, ya’ll!) trying to find my way in this crazy world. 
What is it I’m meant to do? I’m a mom now, I have to be a good role model for my children. I have to make sure they get allll the things– healthy food, proper care, teeth brushed, diapers changed, stories read, the list goes on and so can the overwhelming feeling of failure.
Did I do enough today? 
Did I hurt their feelings? 
Were my words harsh? 
Did my actions align with what I teach?
So many things. Until I finally realized that in order to find clarity I had put all the compartments in my brain as “things” to the side and focus on the One thing that truly matters– the One that can help me decipher the truth from the lies in the day, because Lord knows there are many.

Instead of being consumed by guilt and fear, I want to be consumed by purpose and wholeness.  A full life of clarity and alignment.

And so here I am, on my continued journey to freedom, just like you.. and in that journey, He is showing me who I am and the purpose He has me on this Earth for. 
Do you know why you’re here, friends? Maybe, just maybe, we were both meant to be in this exact place at the exact time and maybe, just maybe, we can change the world together, starting in our own homes and in our own hearts.
Join me on this journey to freedom where we learn to live a life of wholeness > perfection, together.

The best place to be.

What I Do

I share the beautiful mess of Motherhood +

How to Find Joy in Every Day Life

I adore being intentional about my actions/words/habits daily. It's not always fun to acknowledge my flaws, but that always gives an invitation to do better. I'm all about getting rid of the guilt, and grasping the more and I'd love to do that with you, friend.

We learn. We grow. Together. 

What I'm Known For

  • Messy Mom Life Exposed
  • Blogger

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