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I’m jessica inman

writer and sharer of all things felt & a bit messy.


About Me

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My Family


Christianmingle.com — Yep! That’s how our family got started! I know, not the typical start, but our perfect one. The hubs (Ben) and I met 7 years ago online, dated for 6 months before we got married and the rest is history. We have 2 beautiful kiddos, Emma (5) & Gavin (3)! Emma is full of spunk, sass, and is sweet when she wants to be, similar to a sugar patch. Gavin is adventurous, mischievous, and happy! 

Although we’re not perfect, we work on ourselves daily to be the best possible versions of ourselves. You will read here in blog posts struggles and ways we overcome them as we go. We are all a work in progress, so why not share that so we all feel a little less crazy.


My Personal Style

Boho meets romantic. I love florals, pastels, lace, ruffles and allll the accessories, but I also really admire more casual looks, too. (Hellllo, mom life!) I love vintage and sometimes think I may have been born in the wrong era. 

I’ll be sharing my daily, date night, brunch, and everything in between looks!


What I’m Passionate About

LIFE and not just merely living it, but living it FULLY, to the highest capacity, as that’s how it was intended. I’m also passionate about sharing the fullness of a whole life with other women. A life that doesn’t have to be rushed, rated, and duplicated, but a life of joy, abundance, and wholeness.

We are all on this motherhood journey together, friends!


What I Do

I share the beautiful mess of Motherhood +

How to Find Joy in Every Day Life

I adore being intentional about my actions/words/habits daily. It's not always fun to acknowledge my flaws, but that always gives an invitation to do better. I'm all about getting rid of the guilt, and grasping the more and I'd love to do that with you, friend.

We learn. We grow. Together. 

What I'm Known For

  • Messy Mom Life Exposed
  • Blogger

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